”Anna Kłaput is a marvelous artist. She sensitively captures the humanity of the people she paints”

Max Ginsburg, realist painter, New York.

As a teenager I saw a black and white reproduction of Rockeby Venus by Velazquez. This painting had it all: peace, harmony, delicacy and mystery.
I’m not Velazquez, and I’d rather not spend my entire life painting the aging face of one king like he did. However, I would like people who see my paintings to feel what I felt then. 
When painting a portrait, I also paint the context in which the person is portrayed. That context is not just the face and the silhouette, but the entire environment. This helps convey emotions and contributes to the atmosphere of the whole image. The uniqueness of the moment is the hero of the painting, as much as the person I paint.

A few facts about how I paint:

  • I care for details, but I prefer to obtain realism through the right order of effects to filling each square centimeter of the painting with equally important details. The key point of interest determines the whole design.
  • I generally paint from my own photographs or directly from observation.
  • I usually paint in 2 – 3 layers following the fat-over-lean principle.
  • I paint with oil paints using artist-grade materials and classical mediums such as refined linseed oil.
  • I use either ready panels and canvasses from art stores (I add a coat or two of acrylic primer for better surface quality) or stretch and prime myself.
  • I use both cotton and linen canvasses, but I start to appreciate linen more and more.

Art Education

Since September 2022 and currently

Max Ginsburg online atelier; Figurative painter and realist from New York; Art Students League


Online workshop with Aldo Balding, French portrait painter.


1 semester in Luis Borrero Online Atelier; Figurative painter and realist from Puerto Rico
Awarded second place in New Master Academy Still Life Competition (open for free entries)


New Masters Academy; diverse online courses in figure drawing and painting.


Drawing & Painting Course in Gdanska Szkola Artystyczna (GSA); drawing from life models

selected images





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